The specialist arrives from 08:00 to 18:00 every day.
The specialist arrives from 08:00 to 18:00 every day.

Stretched ceiling manufacturing

Stretched ceiling manufacturing

When choosing a stretch ceiling company, it’s not only about the perfect job, but also about quality materials. Certificates and the initials of the manufacturer’s brand stamped on the films are the best way to identify their quality. The in-house production of stretch ceilings ensures that the quality of the materials is impeccable and that the work is completed on time.

We make our ceilings from the following film manufacturers:

  • MSD Premium
  • BAUF

Brilliance ceiling, which has been working in the field of stretch ceilings for 8 years and has its own production facility, chooses these manufacturers because of the durability of the films, the wide choice of colours and textures and the large maximum film area of up to 5 metres. Because we are confident in the durability of these films, we offer a 15 to 25 year warranty and all our franchisees, agents and partners work only with our ceilings.

By manufacturing the ceilings ourselves and warehousing the other components, we can guarantee the highest quality and speed. We always have large quantities of films, a wide selection of profiles and luminaires, and other materials needed for the ceiling installation in our warehouses, so you never have to wait for months due to material shortages or logistical problems.

When you choose Brilliance Ceiling, you will receive a tailor-made ceiling, cut to the exact measurements taken by our engineers, and you will be assured of the film’s longevity and installation quality.