The specialist arrives from 08:00 to 18:00 every day.
The specialist arrives from 08:00 to 18:00 every day.

Lighting solutions for stretch ceilings

Our Brilliance team offers you not only practical, functional solutions but also aims to transform your interior through various types of lighting. There are plenty of lighting options available – from surface-mounted fixtures and chandeliers to LED strips and illuminated ceilings. Explore the different lighting styles and choose the lighting solution that suits your taste

Chandeliers: Why Consider This Lighting Option? Let's Explore

Chandeliers add elegance and style to a space, creating a sense of comfort and giving the interior a polished look. However, it’s essential to choose a fixture that complements your interior – in terms of colour palette and style.

Also, pay attention to the level of illumination. Is the room adequately lit when the chandelier is on? Opt for a chandelier with adjustable brightness and colour temperature options.

One significant advantage of chandeliers is their quick installation, regardless of the texture of the ceiling – whether it’s matte, glossy, satin, or fabric. Chandeliers also come at a relatively affordable cost, especially if you opt for a standard lighting fixture.

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Recessed and Surface-Mounted Light Fixtures

Stretch Ceilings – a symbol of elegance and practicality.

Stretch ceilings represent a symbol of elegance and practicality. The installation of recessed light fixtures on a stretch ceiling is a crucial element in creating a harmonious overhead space.

Recessed light fixtures are lights that are installed directly into the stretch ceiling, creating the effect of hidden illumination. Thanks to their built-in design, these fixtures provide even lighting, prevent the formation of shadows, and create a comfortable atmosphere.

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Surface-Mounted Light Fixtures

Such fixtures are suitable for installation on stretch ceilings without the need to create recessed openings. Surface-mounted light fixtures often serve as a decorative element in the interior, adding a touch of style and individuality to the space.

An important advantage of surface-mounted light fixtures is the variety of shapes, styles, and sizes available. This provides the flexibility to choose fixtures that complement the design of your room.

The question arises – which types of ceiling materials pair well with surface-mounted light fixtures? The answer is – more often than not, clients opt for matte, satin, or fabric ceilings. Surface-mounted light fixtures tend to blend harmoniously with these types of materials.

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Floating Stretch Ceiling

The floating lines along the perimeter of the stretch ceiling impart an airy feel to the space, creating a sense of weightlessness.

Let’s delve into the construction. In the creation of a floating ceiling, the material (PVC or fabric is fastened to a special aluminium profile, which already houses an installed LED strip.

These floating lines can accentuate either all walls or just one. The brightness of the illumination is adjustable via remote control, dimmer, or smartphone.

Floating stretch ceilings are often installed in smaller spaces such as bathrooms, toilets, or children’s rooms to enhance the perception of space.
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Track Lighting

Track lighting is an excellent solution for creating high-quality and versatile illumination. The track system operates on the principle of allowing the light fixture to freely move along a conductor with current (track) and connect to the power source at any point.

Sleek spotlights seamlessly blend into interiors, making them ideal for use in living rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. They are also an excellent choice for lighting long and narrow rooms without windows, such as hallways.

Track lighting is frequently employed in stores, museums, and art installations when accent lighting is needed, illuminating artwork or clothing displays from specific angles.

Track lighting offers a wide selection of shapes, colours, and styles. It emits uniformly high-quality light without adding extra noise, making it crucial for both work and relaxation environments.

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LED Strips for ceiling

LED strips represent a type of ceiling construction where the LED tape is embedded into a special profile, covered with a light-transmitting cover, allowing the light to diffuse across the ceiling.

The number and shapes of lines can vary, depending on your preferences and the room’s design. For smaller spaces, 1-2 LED lines may be sufficient, while in larger rooms, lighting strips can define distinct areas – a work zone and a leisure area.

LED strips can serve as both supplementary and primary lighting. It is crucial to choose the right shape, quantity, and power of light sources when incorporating LED strips into your space.

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Light Ceiling

A light ceiling is a structure comprised of a special frame, translucent fabric, and LED lighting. The illumination is embedded within the framework, making the entire structure or just a part of it a source of light. The unique visual effect is achieved through the extraordinary combination of light, diverse textures, colours, and the shape of the illuminated area.

Light ceilings are particularly striking in bathrooms, hallways, and living rooms. When the light is off, the fabric appears ordinary – white and smooth. When the light is on, a soft glow envelops the fabric along its entire perimeter.

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