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Stretch ceiling - What is it?

It is one of the suspended ceiling systems made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film and an aluminium profile. The ceilings are fixed to the walls around the perimeter of the room. They are called stretch ceilings because the PVC film heated to a temperature of 70ºC is stretched and installed into wall-mounted profiles.

Stretch ceilings are a great alternative to conventional ceilings!

It is a very good choice when doing home repairs. Most often, stretch ceilings are chosen to update the colour, design and style of a living or working space. Renovation brings many good emotions and enhances the feeling of comfort. Such ceilings are very practical, easy to install and affordable for everyone. The ceilings have unlimited possibilities: they can be installed not only in living rooms, but also in workplaces, offices, public or medical institutions, shops, swimming pool and other areas.

How much does a stretch ceiling cost?

The price of a stretch ceiling depends on the materials used and the design. It is calculated individually for each project. However, you can find out how much money you will need now. To help you choose the most suitable ceiling, check the standard prices by ceiling type. You can find the prices here.

Stretch ceiling in swimming pool and SPA zone in UK
Installation of stretch ceilings in the UK

Installation of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are a unique and fast-growing ceiling system of the 21st century, bringing a breath of fresh air to conventional ceilings. Brilliance ceiling provides only high quality stretch ceiling installation services in all cities and districts in United Kingdom. To find out where you can order stretch ceilings in your region, please send an email to

Our company’s consultants will help you choose the best stretch ceiling solution for your house or apartment, and answer all your questions. In most areas, our staff member will come to measure your ceiling the same day or the day after you place your order, and completely free of charge.

The measurer will bring samples of materials, a catalogue of colours and ceilings. It is important to know that only our specialist will measure your ceiling correctly and calculate an accurate price considering all aspects.

Stretch ceiling qality certificates

Stretch ceiling types

Stretch ceilings are very versatile so they can be suitable for almost all rooms. Below you will find the twelve most popular types of stretch ceilings. If you cannot find the one you want, we are always ready to design and manufacture a customised ceiling to suit your needs. In this case, simply send us an online enquiry.


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difference between a stretched ceiling and a conventional ceiling

What is the difference between a stretch ceiling and a conventional ceiling?

Traditional ceilings finishing requires more variable costs. When comparing stretch ceilings with conventional ceilings, they have some great benefits. It requires:

  • Fewer tools. Traditional approaches require a large toolbox of equipment to achieve a good finish. With stretch ceilings, it is less hassle because it requires fewer tools.
  • Less time. A stretch ceiling can be installed in as little as one working day, whereas a conventional ceiling sometimes takes several working days to install.
  • Less work. Installing a traditional finish requires significant work to achieve a smooth, even surface. Imagine the effort needed to perfectly level a surface! The result of a stretch ceilings is always pleasing.

Stretch ceilings have many benefits:

Installation in one day

Installation in one day

No dust or debris remains during installation.

No dust or debris remains during installation.

Stretch ceilings are not harmful to health because they are odourless and environmentally friendly.

Stretch ceilings are not harmful to health because they are odourless and environmentally friendly.

Certified stretch ceilings have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Certified stretch ceilings have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Possibility to choose the ceiling from more than 200 colours

Possibility to choose the ceiling from more than 200 colours

Possibility to choose the ceiling from more than 25 textures

Possibility to choose the ceiling from more than 25 textures

Why choose stretch ceilings?

It is the most promising ceiling system of the 21st century. Here are the benefits of a stretch ceiling system:

  • The durability of most ceilings is more than 10 years.
  • Extremely fast installation: just in one day.
  • The installation process is extremely clean: no dust or debris.
  • You can choose from more than 200 colours to suit your needs, tastes and fashion trends.
  • You can choose from more than 25 textures, so you can easily adapt ceilings to your interior style.
  • The manufacturer provides a warranty of up to 25 years.
  • The materials used are odourless and environmentally friendly.
  • Various wires can be easily hidden.
  • Printing a variety of illustrations is simple and easy.

Stretch ceilings offer unlimited freedom of choice

We offer up to twelve types of various stretch ceilings: matte, gloss, satin and others to suit every taste! Therefore, you can easily choose the most suitable ones. Become a creator! Such ceilings give you unlimited freedom of choice: you can combine over a few hundred colours and textures, several types of stretch ceilings and create a unique design for your stretch ceiling. Read more on this website about all the ceiling types we offer.

Why do clients choose Brilliance ceiling?

Connections of tension ceiling profiles

Profile connections

High-quality profile installation is the most important indicator of the quality of a stretch ceiling.

Clean and orderly installation of stretch ceilings

Neatness and tidiness

Our specialists always tidy up their workplace and do not leave rubbish after work.

We install stretch ceilings with gloves

We work with gloves

To ensure cleanliness, all our installers always wear gloves when working.

Quality customer service

Quality service

You will communicate only with competent consultants.

Ceiling installation quality control

Quality control

Installers always provide photos of the work carried out to check the quality of the ceiling installed.

How do we make stretch ceilings?


Initial contact with the customer

We take customer orders by phone and email, and arrange a convenient time for the measurement of the ceiling.


The price of a stretch ceiling

Our staff member will perform the measurements free of charge and calculate the exact price of the stretch ceiling.


Contract signing and guarantees

We sign a contract with all our customers


Production of the stretch ceiling film

The production of the film starts upon placement of your order


Ceiling installation and maintenance

Ceiling installation and maintenance Installation of stretch ceilings takes a few days and we provide a guarantee.

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Thanks to Brilliance, stretch ceiling in swimming pool looks fantastic

We are satisfied with the ceiling installed in swimming pool in Bristol. Everything was done to the highest standard. I would like to thank the manager, Dmitry, for his professionalism. I am satisfied with result we have got.

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